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We Supply Exide traction batteries that are used in electrically powered vehicles like forklift, tow truck, power trolley, lifting platforms and other industrial traction applicationsIn a wide range from 2.5 Ah to 20, 600 Ah in conventional flooded and Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) design.Exide traction batteries are made to BS & DIN specification.EXIDE HSP RANGE: Powering various makes of forklifts for more then two decades for lifting heavy weights in various process industries. The HSP range is available in BS and DIN range from 58 AH to 841 AH in BS and 120 AH to 1400 AH in DIN. Being available in both British and Continental standards, the HSP range can be fitted in all makes of forklifts. EXIDE GEN-X RANGE: The Exide Gen-X range comes with 15% additional capacity in the same dimension of the HSP range. The advance formula of Red Lead and Grey Oxide used in the positive active material ensures increased power and long life. The Exide Gen-X range of batteries is the highest technology level and has very high efficiency. EXIDE BCI RANGE: The Exide BCI range is made as per American standard and is manufactured against specific demands.EXIDE BOLTED TERMINALS: The entire BS and Gen-X range is available with bolt-on terminals. Bolt-on terminals provide easy replacement of cells thereby saving valuable time.If you getting any call waiting while you calling please leave us a message with your requirement from "Make an Enquiery" from this website.Thank you
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