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Exide Power Centre


Distributors of Exide Car Batteries, Exide Heavy Vehicle, Exide Bike Batteries,Exide Generator, Exide Inverter Batteries. We also distributor for Exide UPS, Exide SMF / VRLA Batteries, Exide Solar Batteries, Exide Traction and 2 Volt Batteries.


NXT Series - 3 Years Warranty
NXT Series - 3 Years Warranty INR 0 INR 0 Features & Benefits Deep cycle application ,Fast recovery from deep discharge, Extended cycle life ,Fast recharge capability, Excellent charge retention, Free from Orientation constraints, Eco-friendly. XHD Series - 5 Years Warranty Features & Benefits Tubular VRLA battery, First Of its kind. Comparison Between MF Flooded And Industial Battries. EP Series Specifications Chart. True 1417688210
Exide VRLA Tubular Battery / 5 Years Warranty
Exide VRLA Tubular Battery / 5 Years Warranty INR 0 INR 0 The Legendary Exide Torr Tubular Reliability now comes maintenance free from the state of the art manufacturing line. Exide launches new Powersafe XHD series with unique GEL technology mainly for UPS application. These batteries are designed with tubular positive plate and GEL Electrolyte. PRODUCT FEATURES: Maintenance Free - No topping Up ever, UPS system,Capable for deep cycling,Process Instrumentation and control, No acid stratification, Office automation equipment's, Supplied factory charged- ready to use, EPABX system, Designed for long life, Electronic attendance and Cash register, Compatible to CC-CV charging,Fire alarm and Security system, Deep discharge protected technology Exide Power Center is trusted by generations for being a marketing expertise and largest lead battery manufacturers such as Powersafe EP VARLA Batteries, Powersafe NXT VARLA Batteries, Powersafe XHD VARLA Tubular Batteries and Powersafe UPST. Our Powersafe EP VARLA Battery is a valve regulated lead acid battery while the Powersafe NXT VARLA Battery is a long hour running battery that comes with three years warranty. Powersafe XHD VARLA Tubular Batteries that we manufacture are well recognized for their torr tubular toughness. Powersafe UPST assures uninterrupted power supply system for telecommunication and railway signaling. True 1417688948
Exide Inva Master –  Tall Tubular battery
Exide Inva Master – Tall Tubular battery INR 14500 INR 14500 This InvaMaster tubular battery is available in different AH ranges to suit the customer requirement. Inva master – Some models are short tubular and some models are Tall tubular. Best alternative for people who can’t afford expensive Exide Magic Gel Maintenance Free battery. Exide Inva Master – Tall Tubular with 30 months warranty. I INVAMASTER IMTT1500 150 AH True 1417689617
Exide Inva master – Short Tubular
Exide Inva master – Short Tubular INR 13400 INR 13400 Exide Inva Master - Short Tubular with 30 months warranty. INVAMASTER IMST1500 - 150 AH True 1417690188
Exide Inva Tubular Battery
Exide Inva Tubular Battery INR 0 INR 0 Exide Inva Tubular Batteries are most famous and high demanding product in market. The reason behind its success is “Long Battery Life”; no other batteries of this class could compete with Inva Tubular standards. IT 500 150 Ah IT 750(New model) 200 Ah True 1417690672
Zero Maintenance Free - Tubular Inverter Battery
Zero Maintenance Free - Tubular Inverter Battery INR 0 INR 0 ORIGINAL EXIDE 150 Ah Tall Tubular Heavy duty GEL Battery This is a BRAND NEW, FACTORY PACKED product DESCRIPTION OF EXIDE 150AH VRLA Tall Tubular Inverter Battery VRLA Maintenance Free GEL Battery. Torr TUBULAR battery with DIN Standard XTRA HEAVY DUTY BATTERY Extra strong flexible oxidation resistant Gauntlet gives higher performance. Highly puncture resistant separator minimizes possibility of internal short circuit. Superior overcharge endurance & thermal management capability. Balanced active material to electrolyte ratio ensures high product reliability. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF EXIDE 150AH Tall Tubular GEL Battery True 1417691603
Exide Solar Tubular Battery - 5 Years Warranty
Exide Solar Tubular Battery - 5 Years Warranty INR 0 INR 0 These Batteries are specially designed for Solar Photovoltaic application. These batteries Performs consistently, even under severe weather and atmospheric conditions. Battery discharge rate is specified as C 10 whereas other normal inverter batteries are rated C 20 (c10 is better than c20, you can enjoy extra backup) Very Low water Loss – Spine tubes casted with low antimony content results in very low % of water loss – which means low maintenance Very Low self-discharge – Battery will never go empty, even if left idle for long time ( only 3% charge loss as self-discharge per month- so no more worries when going for vacation) Rechargeable with very low charging current Full tubular Design results in quick charge acceptance even after very deep discharge. Battery is built with TORR Tubular Technology. Spine Tubes are very thick, made with HADI machine using high pressure casting (100 bar) method to ensure void free build quality. Spine Tube or Positive Plate corrosion results in battery failure, the extra thick spine tubes in this battery ensures very long life and reliability to the battery. True 1417692006
Exide Traction & Motive Power - 2 Years Warranty
Exide Traction & Motive Power - 2 Years Warranty INR 0 INR 0 Exide traction batteries are used in electrically powered vehicles like forklift, tow truck, power trolley, lifting platforms and other industrial traction applications. Exide traction batteries are made to BS & DIN specification. Features: The very low antimony content in the grid alloy ensures low gassing. Water loss and maintenance is minimum. Corrosion is negligible. Long life cycle - 1500 cycles up to 80% depth of charge. Very low self-discharge and internal resistance. Excellent reserve capacity. Delivers consistent reliable power. Suitable for all weather conditions. Manufactured to international standards with advanced battery technology to meet the stringent requirements of BIS & DIN standards. Do not discharge the battery beyond 1.85 volt per cell. Provide the battery with a charge input of 1.15 to 1.25 of the discharged Ampere-hour. 1.15 times for cells up to 550mm and 1.25 times for cells taller than 550mm. Allow the battery to cool down after every charging. Equalize the battery when the specific gravity differs by more than 10 units after adding the initial variation while adjustment was done after 20 cycles. Use dual mode chargers with constant current (CC) & constant voltage (CV) for charging battery to avoid impact of input AC variation. Top up the cells at the end of the charge cycle with the charging on and allow the battery to gas freely so that the specific gravity becomes uniform in the cell. Never add water to a discharged battery. Keep the battery clean & dry. Check the terminal connections for tightness. Maintain record in the record book supplied with the battery. True 1417693013
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